Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“Fire” Steve and “Stone” Tiger

Here’s to hoping to have the last word on this subject, since the PGA golf tournament at Firestone Country Club ended three days ago.  It seems almost everything has been said however, there was no mention of the silver lining.  There is usually one in every situation and this Tiger vs. Steve is no different.  The spewing of fire and throwing of brimstones hopefully ended last week at the Firestone.

Over the last week we have seen what appears to be one man getting help in throwing all the punches loaded with fire and brimstone, while the other man is on the ropes (saying very little).  In most cases in the golf world, this would be put into the category of no class or lack of class but since it is Tiger Woods on the rope, many have thrown out their sense of professional golf etiquette.  For whatever the reason might be, it seems to be the way of the world these days.  We have seen so many public fights, arguments and scrabbles these days, that short of blood being drawn, it seems to be common and expected. 

Although Steve “the caddy” has failed to recognize the silver lining, many of us ordinary golfers around the world can easily see what he should be grateful about and the silver lining.  “The silver lining”: 

-          Worked 12-13 years for Tiger Woods and got paid millions in earned income
-          Acquired large sponsor endorsements from being associated with a world famous boss
-          Left a job under scrutiny and was able to find another job immediately
-          Potential place in the history books as the caddy who…
-          Went looking at other horses in the stable and found another good one
-          Left a dark horse to ride a white horse into the sunset…
-          The hurt will eventually go away after an apology for looking at new horses

In this volatile world of citizen uprisings, natural disasters, murder, child abuse, world famine, unemployment and now downgrading of America’s credit rating, do ordinary people really need a millionaire golf caddy whining inconsequentially?  This is the time to count your blessings and move on because God is good…all the time.