Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Flip-Flop of Road Rage

After being on the road for two weekends in a row, I realized that I had better get this article published before I lose somebody I love to road rage. 

In fact, Pastor Barber gave an account of “road rage” from the pulpit on Sunday against him, which I took as another reminder from  God Almighty telling me to do it and do it now before somebody gets hurt (publish the article).  Since my column hasn’t been around that long, I need all the readers I can get.  I can’t afford anybody getting hurt due to road rage (hint, hint…forward this article). 

Now I understand there are different levels or degrees of road rage.  I must admit, I’ve only had a mild case of road rage.  I have thrown up both hands while driving, (a road rage symbol for--What are you doing?) in disgust of the other driver that caused me some sort of frustration. 

The pastor said somebody gave him the peace sign minus the index finger (in my words) considered a medium degree.  This gesture could have escalated making the flop turn into a flip (retaliation) with a different person.  Pastor Barber didn’t know what he had done wrong but I am recommending that he review the Top 11Causes for Road Rage list and then don’t do it again.

I consider a case of “extreme road rage” when, someone follows you home to curse, physically attack or shoot at you.  These actions have been reported by the media.  The extreme road rage’ makes me think that the raged driver has a serious problem that really had nothing to do with anything that the other drive did.  It might be more of a serious mental condition (ask Dr. Phil).  If you get involved in this type of road rage, just drive straight to the police station.

We don’t ever know what someone else is going through to cause them to have an out of control reaction to another driver. There are different degrees of road rage and different triggers depending on the driver.  In other words you are traveling in unknown territory so know and pay attention to what you are doing. 

There are going to be many types of drivers on the road this holiday season.  Some drivers will be shopping for Christmas presents, some just going to work and others leaving the bar.  There are going to be drivers that just got their licenses and some that don’t know where they are going.  You name it, all types are going to be on the road, so be alert and do your part by not doing things that are listed on the Top 11 Causes of Road Rage.

We can all end 2011 by being proactive and not reactive.  Now that you can envision both sides of the situation I hope you have a safe and festive holiday season starting now.

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We all know what “road rage” is and we have probably been on the “flip or flop” side of “road rage,” meaning we have caused or dished out road rage at some point.  But road rage isn’t only in America.  Having been a member of the Armed Forces and doing some leisure travel, I can attest to having seen different degrees of international road rage in England, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Belgium, Netherland, Korea and the Caribbean.  I don’t think it matters where you are in the world; road rage is alive and well.