Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lebron James and S.E.D. Hunt

You didn’t get it done and neither did I this weekend.  I drove home from Myrtle Beach with that “bad taste” in my mouth for 6 hours.  You see, I lost a golf tournament this weekend in which I was leading at the end of day one.  I know many might be thinking, the nerve of this lady to relate her golf tournament loss to your NBA title loss, but I believe you will understand and agree a loss is a loss.  They never feel very good, no matter the level or sport if one is an athlete. 

But honestly, I didn’t initially correlate your loss to mine.  My best friend who is a staunch basketball fan tried to console me by using your loss as a correlation.  In fact, she had already practiced this same consolation on herself when her alma mater, VCU didn’t get it done either.  She was proudest by saying, “It was a major feat for VCU to get this far.” 

Her inspirational and encouraging words for herself and VCU fans everywhere were, “It just wasn’t meant to be.”  Her James and Hunt loss correlation is simply, we both had the tools in our toolbox to get the job done.  “It just wasn’t meant to be.”

When I hear the words “it just wasn’t meant to be”, I immediately think of a higher power.  Her consolation on Monday made me dig a little deeper by talking to God about the situation.  When things like this happen, I best console myself by trying to determine what lesson God was trying to teach me.  There is always one there. 

I had never lost after being in the position I was in after the first day.  I determined that I needed to actually know how that felt so I could sympathize with others and try harder to avoid it the next time.  But more importantly, I thought about how I just knew I had all the tools in my toolbox to solidify the win.  I had practiced and played enough in the last week to be pretty confident.  I thought I was mentally and physically tough and besides the day two golf course was easier than day one.  How could I lose?

I lost for the same reason you lost…because somebody has to lose.  Again, it just was not meant to be.  We both should just remember that golf and basketball is just a sport.  Sure basketball is a career for you and golf is a hobby for me but in the end it does not define who we are inside. 

Neither golf nor basketball is a game of science.  There are so many factors that can weigh on determining the final game outcome.  I am taking one of many lessons and putting them into my toolbox for next time and believe me there will be a next time.  It just wasn’t meant to be.