Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The “PO” PARTY Introduction

Does your stomach start to turn when you hear or read about political news in America?  If so, I invite and welcome you to a brand new party that is just starting today, the “PO” PARTY.  We are overdue for a good party and it is time.  Life is not going to automatically bring us any encouragement, inspiration or peace.  We have to make it happen ourselves.  What we all need right now in life we are not going to receive without some action on our part.  There are five things you need to know or do.

First you need to know exactly what the “PO” PARTY is.  The “P-O” stands for Pissed-Off.  The P-A-R-T-Y acronym is People Are Really Tired of You.  The “y” at the end of party, standing for “You,” represents our congressional representatives that care nothing about the majority of Americans and our wellbeing.  This new party is believed to be a consensus of the majority of Americans.  Fanatics are not welcomed to this party.

Second, how can you join the party?  To be a full fledge member you must live up to the obligation to act.  There is no time for lip service, side-stepping or toe tapping.  There is no membership fee or sign-up. You must simply be willing to take action. Taking action is your only obligation.  Can you do that?

Third, contacting our congressional representatives is the democratic way and something many of us have forgotten or are too busy to do.  We have to tell them we want something accomplished during their time in the seat.  Tell them the gravy train ride is over and we don’t have anything to show for it.  In short, some of us are going to be eating dog and cat food thanks to them.  Tell congress if they are confused about what the majority wants, we won’t be confused in November 2012.  Although this one action of communication with our representatives is simple, it is something that the majority of Americans have not done.  It is our duty almost like a job.

Fourth, there are some basic “PO” skills you will need to accomplish this action.  They are reading, writing and comprehension.  This means you must have some idea of what is going on, how it will affect you and what you want done about it.  You must know how to do at least one of the following: text, phone, email or letter write.  Don’t believe everything you hear; do your own homework.  We have already been lied to in the 2010 mid-term election.  If the only goal set is to sink President Obama then America is doomed.

The fifth and final thing you must know.  You must follow-up to what you have asked them to do.  Surely most of you can remember your parents asking you to clean your room.  They later came by to make sure you had done it and some of us had while others had not.  We must ensure our congressional representatives do as we have asked.