Thursday, July 28, 2011

Veto Pen vs. Veto Prayer

Wouldn’t it be great and almost funny if President Obama pulled out a giant size, six foot red ink pen and vetoed anything that did not raise taxes on the wealthy?  That is probably not going to happen but why should they get a free pass, while the rest of us have to pay?  Sure there are more components to the entire debt deal but fair is fair, right?  Once again our congressional representatives are not listening to the majority.  Is this news to any of us?  Is there one last ditch effort that has been overlooked that we all can do?  You betcha, there is.

How could we have overlooked it?  Many of us don’t think about this last ditch effort until we are in the ditch.  But it is always there, the ace in the hole.  Our country is headed to a place where nightmares begin.  It would mean that the democracy of the majority is gone.  Our congressional representative’s actions declares to the elderly you don’t matter, it declares to the men and women of the Armed Forces now and those gone on to glory, that your service means and meant nothing, it declares to children that their future isn’t important.  Yes, their congressional lips are moving but, their actions are moving in another direction.

An old military friend said, “Do they really think they can pee on our leg and tell us it is raining?”  They have, they can and we have believed it.  Isn’t it time to say no more, that’s not rain?  It’s time we use our own veto.

Most of us have something more powerful than the veto pen.  It is the veto prayer.  That veto prayer has the power to bring the ultimate powerhouse and decision maker (God) to our aid.  In the essence of this debt season, I say we must use our “veto prayer”.  It is the Christian’s veto pen for relief from the mess.  Although the veto prayer is always at our disposal we mainly use it in times of desperation.  Many times we don’t use this particular type of veto because some of us don’t think about praying unto we are in trouble, we are going through something, or times are hard.  We really should thank God when things are going good too. 

A future Girl Scout leader, Gold Award Nominee and author of the book Red, White, and Blue: What Does It Mean To You? Katie Routhier, decodes the Pledge of Allegiance.  When she decodes the words, “one Nation under God, indivisible”, she writes or decodes that, “The words “under God” were added in 1954.  Some people said that this went against their beliefs, but “under God” was really added to symbolize ALL religions.  “Indivisible” means “can not be divided.”  The USA will always be together as one country.”

If it was important enough in 1954 to add God to the equation, why aren’t we praying? Why are we divided?   Why aren’t we applying elementary principles from the Bible?  The August 2nd deadline for budget and debt resolution may come and go.  However, we all can still plan to use our very own veto at noon on August 2nd.   

Let’s plan to veto the mess, the division, the dishonesty, the selfishness, the hate and bigotry that has risen in our country.  We should ask God to step in and save us from ourselves…in the end he has the solution.  Join the “veto prayer” on August 2nd, noon.