Friday, September 23, 2011

An Old Fashion Math Class

Do you know what you get when you cross “math” with “class warfare”? I am not exactly sure but let’s have a little fun today.  President Obama’s buzzword is “math” and Congressman Boehner’s is “class warfare”.  I think our leaders may have stumbled unknowingly onto a solution to the root cause of the systemic economic problem.  Now, with the gloomy news coming from the World Bank, this might end up being a global solution in the making and someone could earn a gold star. 

Since most of us have the economy on the brain we don’t have time for warfare.  But let’s explore the words “math” and “class”.  If we put these two words together, the first thing that probably comes to mind is education using numbers.  The word combination could quite possibly, single handedly be the solution to the economy with the help of teachers.  The answer to the question above and perhaps a global breakthrough is: Math Class. 

You can still earn that golf star but first, REMEDIAL MATH.  All math teachers please go on overtime, pull out a consultant contract because America needs your help.   But since time is of the essence and there may be a shortage of Math teachers, I suggest we step aside for Congress to move to the head of the line.  Their math skills are killing the economy and they need to be first in line.  Just think about these three reasons why.  There is always a government shutdown looming over all of us because the money doesn’t add up.  There is a gigantic deficit that our Congressional representatives approved over the last nine years but now it doesn’t add up.  There is record unemployment but Congress does not understand that their inability to add actions, will affect large and small businesses, other countries and you.  Isn’t it funny that nothing adds up and none of them are standing in line for the math class?

Could it be that the dog ate half of the paper thereby; the basic principles of math may be fuzzy?  Could it be so elementary that the obvious has been overlooked?  The equation of (1+1= 2) or (3+5= 8) is pretty simple.  How about the equation of (12+ 229= 231)?  Oops, see I forgot to carry the one over to make it 241.  Think about what happens when adding and subtracting with six and seven zeros and then needing to carry over the fives and nines?  Can you see what may have happened here?  Somebody didn’t carry over the numbers or somebody hit the wrong number on the calculator.  Whatever the reason might be, it is still an error in simple math.

Get ready for your brief remedial math class and don’t forget to send this test to your representative.  No one is allowed to use a scientific calculator because, if you hit the wrong mode, well I don’t need to tell you what happens.   Everybody, right now pull out a clean white sheet of paper and a stubby pencil preferable with an eraser.  I know you remember this drill.  It is clear that somebody has been making some mathematical errors of the gargantuan proportion.  It’s dollars and cents (sense) test time.

Q1:  2.55 + 3.98 + 25,504.88 =
Q2:  9,098.47 + 1000.06 + 23,567,998.00 =
Q3:  What is your total if you order five items from McDonald’s dollar menu (exclude tax)?
Q4:  What is the total of this order from the congressional cafeteria, (3) rice puddings, (2) navy beans and (5) fried chickens?
Q4:  14,705,188,086,992.02 (national debt) – 4,000,000,000,000.88 (potential cuts) =

I dare you to post your answers.

Note: national debt number