Friday, September 23, 2011

What Type of Person Are You?

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities.  But, in this current climate of us against them, (not sure who us or them are) you have to stop and take a second look in the mirror.  You need to determine, where you are going to draw the line, long before the big decisions have to be made.   Remember, your everyday decisions show family, friends, coworkers and the world who you really are and what you believe. 

Who are you and what do you stand for or against?  In order to determine where your line is in the sand, here are some simple questions you should answer.  Now hold on, before you jump ahead and try to answer the questions early and skew the results; please take heed to the one and only rule for the test.  Answer all the questions honestly. 

1.       Are you a giver or taker (palms up or palms down)?
2.      Do you hold on to grudges?
3.      Do you prefer war or peace?
4.      Are you in a position to help someone but have not?
5.      Have you called your grandparents to say hello this month?
6.      Do you inspire and encourage or destroy others?
7.      Have you prayed for someone other than a family member this month?

These questions are not all inclusive but are a good measuring stick for where you are today.  Every day you make decisions that relates to these seven questions.  Now that you have answered these questions, you should have a good indication of what type of person you are and whether change is necessary.  Now is the time to find your center and build on the good and tailor the bad.    

Is it getting harder to maintain the type of person you are with the decisions you make in the world today?  Although the above questions were simple in nature, the next set won’t be so easy.  Are you willing to cut short grandma’s social security?  Will you ask the military to do more with less thereby putting them in danger?  Will you vote to pull resources from schools, while wanting the best education for children?  Are you praying to God to help you when, you have not helped anyone else?  Do you want peace on earth while, contributing towards chaos?  Are you always asking for something but never giving anything? 

What type of person are you?