Friday, October 7, 2011

Who The Heck Is Joan Brock?

Who she is doesn’t seem to be as important as what she has been through.  A story of perseverance against all odds that every man, woman or child should reflect on to get through the tough times.  Did you lose your job, home or, not sure if the job you have today will be there tomorrow?  Are you dealing with bullies at school?  Are you just having a bad hair day?  Whatever you might be going through, no matter the degree of seriousness or insignificance, Joan’s story, should get you back on track.  Joan Brock’s story will bring you back from the ledge. 

I want you to imagine yourself in the following situation:  You are teaching at a blind school.  You have been showing blind children for over five years how to do things while being blind.  You have not quite understood why these blind children are afraid of stairs.  Then one day your child is holding pink socks but you see white socks.   You have an eye condition that cannot be fixed and you will never be able to see again.  All the colors you were just seeing yesterday are gone.  You will have to judge people by their character and not their color.  All so quickly your world goes from color to no color.  This is a small portion of Joan Brock’s story. 

Joan must now put those skills that she had been teaching her blind school children into practice, immediately.  Keep in mind it’s not just about sight but independence.  There will be no more movie dates, no driving to the drug store or stopping to look in a mirror.  Joan can’t really take a step, without thinking about her location.  As Joan and family are working through these challenges she gets another 90 mph curveball thrown at her.  While blind, Joan’s husband and rock is diagnosed with sinus cancer and within seven month he dies at the age of 37. 

How many people do you know that would just throw in the towel?  Joan Brock’s story is true and is documented in a successful book and Lifetime movie.  Joan is back on her feet and although she is blind she can “see” life.  This whole story reminded me of Job from the Bible.  As I was writing my notes and thinking this is a story to share, no matter where you are in the world, Joan leaves us with three points.
1.       Don’t do life alone
2.      Family is so important
3.      God and Faith…it will get you through

Joan Brock was the guest speaker at the Outstanding Women’s Exchange (OWE) breakfast.  Although the OWE has a women’s label there were many men in attendance along with all the beautiful women.  In addition, corporate sponsorships brought out big hitters including four different banks that have to admit they got their money’s worth.  I realized now, that my ticket was a priceless gift.

What is priceless in your life?  Joan gave us a hint in her three points.  The story that I asked you to imagine above was only part of the trials and tribulations, Joan and her family went through.  She found the light from within and made the best out of a bad situation.  Don’t think about how much money you have or don’t have.  Think about the price of good health.  There are just some things money won’t buy.  Take a minute today to enjoy your surroundings.  Enjoy the colors of the trees, sound of the birds, and smell of the air.  In the end remember, God gave us everything we need to enjoy life; Him.