Friday, January 13, 2012

Ladies Only

Who said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”?

Up to this point we have seen many good and bad examples of men.  We can’t forget that over the last few years what some people were using to measure a good man had more to do with what he wore to work (white shirt, suit and tie).  Many are finding out very quickly that was the wrong measuring stick. 

The media (local and national) is just now starting not to take any prisoners.  They are putting men on blast and it doesn’t matter the color of their skin anymore.  They are bringing to light men who are cheaters, rapist, liars, child molesters, wife beaters, money launders, bullies, scammers and schemers just to mention a few.  Although the media doesn’t usually highlight too many men with good character traits, my water glass goes up to those who are good men by any woman’s standard.

Most women would agree that a good man is kind to all, caring of others, respectful, honest in his dealings and God fearing.  My Dad has been telling me for years and years you can’t look at a man and tell too much about his character.  He use to say that you have to listen to what he says and pay attention to what he does.  If he is a fraud (my words) it usually won’t take long to detect it, if you are paying attention. 

Let me add that most of us would agree that no one is perfect.  In fact, every one of us has fallen short in one department or another.  Is it constant? I believe this might be a good measuring stick, constant and continuous. 

Ladies for too long we have been underestimated and underutilized.  Let’s set some standards that we won’t waver on concerning men.  Let’s set some achievable goals we can reach alone and some we need other ladies to help us get there in 2012.  Let’s ensure the men in our lives are measured with the proper measuring stick.  How do you measure men?

Who said it answer: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.