Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking One for the Team

When was the last time you took one for the team?  All kinds of things come to mind when I think about “taking one for the team”.  Most of the time it’s someone else asking or telling me to take one for the team.  The statement is almost always asking someone else to be the sacrificial lamb for some situation that most would want to avoid.  In other words it’s usually going to result in emotional, physical or financial damage of some degree.  It could be related to minor situations such as sports, office politics or friendships to name a few.  Sometimes its major situations and homage should be paid for those that “take one for the team”. 

Speaking of homage, lets first give honor to God for sending Jesus Christ to be the first to “take one for the team”  Jesus made the  ultimate sacrifice for mankind thousands of years ago (John3:16).  Every day is another day to pay homage if you choose.  Jesus took one for the team.

Second, homage should go to service men and women of the Armed Forces.  They raised their hands and signed on the dotted line to an Oath of Enlistment or an Oath of Office. Many times they have been asked to “take one for the American team” and without hesitation many did with some giving the ultimate sacrifice; their lives. 

This solemn holiday Memorial Day, represents our time as Americans to honor those service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  We should leave red flowers at their grave sites as a symbol of blood. This has been a long standing tradition but let’s take it a step further.

Let’s seriously take some time to think about those who took one for the team.  Think about what their sacrifice means to you today (everyone should have one).  All of their blood was red but yet in America we still distinguish between Native American, African American, White American, Asian American and the list goes on.

Parades, speeches and even tears will go on throughout this special holiday for those that can’t give anymore.  Let’s pay additional homage to those who took one for the team by loving and respecting each other and understanding that some days you will be right and some days you will be wrong. I believe another way to honor the dead is to honor those that are living.  Let’s just be Americans.

May God Bless America!