Thursday, July 28, 2011

Veto Pen vs. Veto Prayer

Wouldn’t it be great and almost funny if President Obama pulled out a giant size, six foot red ink pen and vetoed anything that did not raise taxes on the wealthy?  That is probably not going to happen but why should they get a free pass, while the rest of us have to pay?  Sure there are more components to the entire debt deal but fair is fair, right?  Once again our congressional representatives are not listening to the majority.  Is this news to any of us?  Is there one last ditch effort that has been overlooked that we all can do?  You betcha, there is.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The “PO” PARTY Introduction

Does your stomach start to turn when you hear or read about political news in America?  If so, I invite and welcome you to a brand new party that is just starting today, the “PO” PARTY.  We are overdue for a good party and it is time.  Life is not going to automatically bring us any encouragement, inspiration or peace.  We have to make it happen ourselves.  What we all need right now in life we are not going to receive without some action on our part.  There are five things you need to know or do.