Friday, September 23, 2011

An Old Fashion Math Class

Do you know what you get when you cross “math” with “class warfare”? I am not exactly sure but let’s have a little fun today.  President Obama’s buzzword is “math” and Congressman Boehner’s is “class warfare”.  I think our leaders may have stumbled unknowingly onto a solution to the root cause of the systemic economic problem.  Now, with the gloomy news coming from the World Bank, this might end up being a global solution in the making and someone could earn a gold star. 

What Type of Person Are You?

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities.  But, in this current climate of us against them, (not sure who us or them are) you have to stop and take a second look in the mirror.  You need to determine, where you are going to draw the line, long before the big decisions have to be made.   Remember, your everyday decisions show family, friends, coworkers and the world who you really are and what you believe.